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Readily Random Media is Your Communication Concierge.

Hosted by #1 Best Selling Author, Larry Roberts, the goal is to provide you with the insight you need to constantly improve your communication skills.  This is why I decided on the path of being “Random”. Communication isn’t just speaking to one another, and I wanted the opportunity to offer insights and  services that teach you how to generate maximum attention for you and your brand while simultaneously giving you back your #1 resource, TIME.

Readily Random Media is a Communication Machine.  

With the success of the podcast, Larry has expanded his reach as a keynote speaker, bestselling author of 1+1=Podcast! Simplifying the Equation of Podcasting Success, podcast consultant and social media marketing concepts with a focus on creating a positive brand strategy that inspires entrepreneurs and customers alike.

Oct 21, 2019

I first learned of Heath Armstrong thanks to his “Sweet Ass Domination Deck”.  An Unfiltered, Motivational Affirmation Deck of Cards to Brighten Your Bad Day in 10 Seconds or Less.

For awhile, it seemed like the universe was going out of it’s way to prevent us from catching up with each other.  We had tried putting an episode together, but for one reason or another, things just wouldn’t line up.

Thankfully, we finally managed to make it happen and it was awesome!  Heath and I talked for longer than most guests, and that could be attributed to Heath’s selfless desire to share and inspire those he comes in contact with to TAKE ACTION!  Listen as we both share stories and ideas back and forth to inspire one another and each one of you listening as well.

If you’re afraid to do something...anything, you NEED to listen to this episode.  It’s a ton of fun and hopefully will provide you with some sweet ass inspiration!

You can learn more about Heath at the links below.


IG:  @heathfistpumps