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The phrase "You're the Boss!" is a mantra for anyone who's ever had to face their own fears, struggles and even failures. It's time to take a deep dive into overcoming limiting beliefs, identifying where our past can shape us rather than define us and build a rock solid lifestyle and business filled with passion and purposeful leadership!

Hosted by Larry Roberts, each episode of You’re the Boss will bring you experience, proven techniques and mind shifts that you can leverage to develop the skills needed to achieve your goals and build your best life.

Oct 20, 2020

Justin Balunsat is a man of many talents, and since gaining his sobriety, he has put those talents to good use!

Whether it's his investments in real estate with his fiance and their business, Just Divine Properties or his amazing new podcast "The Alcoholic Entrepreneur", Justin puts everything he has into it.  

Being an athlete, Justin has always been gifted in the physical prowess department.  But like so many other high output performers, Justin needed that time to unwind, time to hang out and time to party! Soon, that partying began to take over and become the priority in his life and he soon found himself in rehab.

Listen to this powerful story of one man's journey toward sobriety and the constant vigilance it takes to maintain it!

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