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The phrase "You're the Boss!" is a mantra for anyone who's ever had to face their own fears, struggles and even failures. It's time to take a deep dive into overcoming limiting beliefs, identifying where our past can shape us rather than define us and build a rock solid lifestyle and business filled with passion and purposeful leadership!

Hosted by Larry Roberts, each episode of You’re the Boss will bring you experience, proven techniques and mind shifts that you can leverage to develop the skills needed to achieve your goals and build your best life.

Oct 31, 2022

Cathy is on a mission to put worms in every living space to promote indoor composting with worms. But, I'm sure you can imagine that not everyone wants to have worms in the house.

Cathy started her worm empire (Cathy's Crawly Composters) in 2002. She believes that worms are going to play an ever increasing role in waste management, soil production and therefore food security and it is essential that we learn how.

Her ever-evolving, working title is Cathy Crawly Laughing Bean Queen!

Cathy wants to provide simple solutions for some of today's biggest challenges. Worms for amending the soil, sprouts for eating and laughter for overall health and wellness.

Laughter Yoga is also a passion of Cathy's that came to her at a time when she was struggling with all the negative energy folks were sending her way about this important mission. Daily laughter is now a huge part of Cathy's health plan.

Laughter is the best medicine. Have you had your daily D.O.S.E. (dopamin, oxytocin, seratonin, endorphins)? These are the love drugs. Laughter is a wonderful form of self love.

Cathy offers 30 minutes free laughter yoga every Tuesday 9:30 am ET online - Details can be found on her laughter page.